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We offer a bespoke set of services to give you protection, safety and the ability to maintain continuity without disruption. Our service enables our clients to have peace of mind as we protect your personnel, assets, premises, land, reputation and out of hours supervision.

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Protective surveillance provides actionable intelligence from a strategic, operational and tactical perspective. Collected via various sources, including Ariel Drone Footage (UAV), human collection (HUMINT), open source (OSINT), imagery (IMINT), GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) and temporary or permanent Close Circuit TV (CCTV).

Close Solutions can provide a way for the client to truly understand the threat which thereby enables the maximum protection solutions with long term savings in time and costs.

Whether to ensure competitive advantage or to protect your organisation, protective surveillance can play a key role in any organisation.

We can create a plan which will highlight the areas where we need to collect information and how we collect that information. Our analysts will then collate the information from various inputs and provide a focused threat intelligence report. This report will allow an organisation to understand the threats it is exposed to and how to protect against such threats.

Close Protection

Each client requires a bespoke service to suit their own needs and lifestyle. We manage and mitigate risk, facilitate and support our clients to ensure they have privacy, protection with a peace of mind. Our clients include business executives, VVIP’s, celebrities and high net worth families.

Our operatives are experienced and well versed at managing our clients concerns of media scrutiny, public and media profile and technical surveillance.

We provide close protection to ‘at risk’ individuals by adopting either a discreet or overt posture. Our services include security consultancy, security risk assessment and gap analysis, residential security teams, event and logistical planning. We are able to fully assess a client’s place of residence and movements, advise on enhancing their physical and technical security and provide fully trained residential, close protection and advance protection teams.

All of our staff are SIA Close Protection licensed with first aid and medical qualifications. Our staff have exceptional experience of delivering close protection internationally and are recruited specifically for their soft skill set, their interpersonal skills, discretion and tact. This allows them to bond with their principal, gain their trust and ensure their expectations are met. We are able to provide our services internationally and at short notice.

K9 Protection Teams

At Close Solutions Protection Services we offer a range of cost effective ways to secure and prevent any unwanted situations. Part of our service range is the use of Protection K9s who use their sensory advantages to detect the presence of intruders. K9s have a sense of smell that is 100,000 times better than that of a human and can hear four times better over a wider range of frequencies than the human ear can detect.

Combined with our Tier 1 K9 handlers this creates a high ten form of deterrent for would be intruders. For night time guarding, their night vision is also better than that of a standard security guard. When combined with a professional K9 handler, these unique qualities make them the ideal choice to keep your home, business and assets secure from threats.

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Close Solutions will secure what’s more important to you, your family or business. We have our very own 24/7 mobile control and command centre, where we are able to handle phone calls as well as monitor our protection teams.

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All clients and their projects are treated with the highest degree of privacy and discretion.


We are highly experienced in K9 protection with NTIPDU/NASDU certified and accredited K9 Units.


We maintain a professional and prepared approach to situations and their solutions.

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